School management System

The Iskola school management system provides practicality in the implementation of the tasks of managing your teaching institution. With a single software, you control processes and finance, with access at any time and from anywhere, on the internet.

Complete management of classes, registrations, teachers, employees, units, contracts, sending of files and messages in a quick and automatic way.

School management System

What does your school need?

Iskola is a complete school management system that connects school, students, parents and teachers.
Managing gets easier when you have everything in one place!

Financial management
  • Tuition control.
  • School contract management.
  • Issuance of billets.
  • Reconciliation of billing with the banking network.

Administrative management
  • Registration of classes, services and fees
  • Management reports
  • Differentiated plans and payments
  • Multi-locale access

Pedagogical management
  • Complete control of students and enrollment
  • Courses and Classes Management

Responsible area
  • Payment history.
  • viewing billets Online.
  • Exclusive photos.
  • communicated among others.

Digital School Agenda
  • Input and output control.
  • Communication of daily events.
  • messages, medication, food.

  • Automatic sending of bills, circulars without printing cost and post office.
  • Reduce paper consumption using electronic calendar
  • Sustainable management get maximum efficiency with minimal waste.

Iskola Online School Schedule

Digital School Agenda

Replace the paper schedule and end up with bureaucratic and complex procedures. Manage, in a simple and intuitive way, the whole routine of students through a digital platform.

Communicate quickly and efficiently and facilitate the routine of your school.
Save resources – reduce paper and print spending.

Know the benefits of Digital School Agenda.

  • Releases
  • Pictures
  • Power
  • Medication
  • Input and output
  • Presence
  • Absence and all school activities.
School management System

School management System

Your school does not need to invest in infrastructure to use the school management system, just a simple broadband connection!

Access all student data, enrollment, financial, pedagogical and tasks from anywhere.

  • Issuance of billets
  • Automated Low
  • Receive control
  • Financial movement
  • Collection Extract

  • Banking conciliation
  • Discounts


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